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Tantra Massage, an Erotic Adventure in Sensual Massage

an Erotic Adventure in Sensual Massage Tantra Massage, an Erotic Adventure in Sensual Massage
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23 June 2017

Globally, paying for sex isn’t unheard of nor is it an absurd idea.  According to a 2014 The Telegraph article, one in ten British men has paid for sex. No matter where you are in the world, the odds are in favour that you or someone you know have paid for sex. Thailand is known for their sex tourism, but for those visiting the Land Down Under, you too can experience a world of carnal pleasures.

Let’s look at the capital city of Brisbane in Queensland, Australia. Though it might be the third most popular city in Australia, it has a booming sex industry. Working privately as an escort or working for a licensed Brisbane brothel is legal in the state of Queensland.

If you are searching for an erotic massage, Brisbane is home to some of the best erotic massage parlours in Australia and home to amazing practitioners of Tantra massage. Tantra massage is a form of erotic massage that incorporates elements of yoga, sexual therapy, and bioenergetics.

Tantra massage calms the mind from the daily noise while heightening the senses to take one on an orgasmic journey. The point of Tantra massage is moving your consciousness into a mellow state while the body is able to recognize the pleasure and sensation of touch.

Often compared to just being an erotic massage with a fancy name, a Tantra massage is based off of slow extended strokes that aren’t necessarily sexually related but a more nurturing, intimate, and indulging all of one’s sensations. Consider it a form of foreplay where the heart, mind, and soul are turned on versus just one’s libido. Many tantra massage lovers consider it a full body orgasm of the cosmic kind.

Using Tantra massage can create longevity in men with premature ejaculation issues or erectile dysfunction by relaxing the mind and body. Tantra massage can give one confidence in the bedroom of lasting longer and having multiple orgasms. Men are not the only ones to benefit from Tantra massage, women too. Women who use Tantra massage claim to have multiple orgasms or for those who don’t experience orgasm without the use of a toy or assisted device have say experience full-body orgasms naturally.

If you are visiting Brisbane, make sure you visit a local Tantra massage establishment or any of the independent Tantra massage practitioners.

If a Tantra massage sounds too cosmic for you, there are other options in adult services like a traditional erotic massage, a good old fashioned rub-n-tug, a Japanese Nuru massage, and so much more.
To find out more about brothels, erotic massage parlours and other adult service establishments that provide Tantra massage, erotic massages and more, visit https://www.brothels.com.au/brothels-in-brisbane

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