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Backpage Closed Down–Why You Should Use a Trusted Agency

Backpage Closed Down – Why You Should Use a Trusted Agency Backpage Closed Down–Why You Should Use a Trusted Agency
Manchester Escorts
30 May 2018

That Classified Ad Could Be Hiding A Dark Secret


Backpage was one of the most popular ways for guys to find escorts, but the site has been shut down amid trafficking allegations.  


There are many different ways to find an escort, and classified ads are probably the most well known. Taking out an online ad is one of the easiest ways for an escort to reach a wide audience. However, there is a dark side to this kind of advertising. You may have heard about the closure of the popular classified advertising site Backpage due to allegations that it was used by sex traffickers. If you do hire an escort through a classified ad, you can never be sure that she is working safely and legally – and that’s why you should always book through a trusted agency like us.  


Backpage busted by cops  


Firstly, let’s take a look at the Backpage scandal. In 2017, law enforcement agencies in the USA shut down the site. Their reason? After consulting both police officers and anti-trafficking experts, they had come to the conclusion that business done through the site accounted for 80 percent of online sex trafficking in the United States. This, shockingly, included the trafficking of under-age girls. The UK version of the site shut down too, and experts believe that 1 in 20 of the ads on there involved victims of trafficking and slavery. 


The risk of trafficking  

The closure of Backpage prompted huge anger from gentlemen who used it to book escorts. However, the problem is, when you book through a site like Backpage, there is no guarantee the escort isn’t working under duress – and you could be implicated in any legal action. So if you want to hire an escort who is working in the UK of her own free will and is legally allowed to do so, book through an escort agency. We take the time to carry out all the necessary legal checks, so you can book a girl with complete confidence.


Your safety matters too 

Booking an escort through an agency is also safer for you. We make sure that our girls take all the necessary precautions with their clients, and they’re required to attend health check-ups regularly too. Escorts working for themselves and advertising their services on classified sites don’t always come with a clean bill of health. You can also rest assured that our escorts won’t embarrass you either, as they’ve been trained to carry out their work sensitively and discreetly.  


A better service is available  

Many men used classified ad sites to book an escort thanks to the promises peddled in those ads. ‘No rules! Low rates!’ Well, there’s no reason why you can’t hire an adventurous escort through an agency. Our Elite VIP escorts are extremely open-minded, and are up for all kinds of fun. Our prices reflect the service that you’ll receive, and we offer some of the most competitive rates for premium escorts in the capital. Oh, and it goes without saying that you’ll be able to choose from some of the most gorgeous women in the capital too


Book with confidence today 

The Backpage controversy has proven that classified advertising sites can sometimes be hiding dark secrets. For the welfare of you and your escort, a trusted London agency is your best bet. So if you want to spend an evening with a gorgeous woman, then give us a call to arrange that dream date free of any worries.


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