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Being an Independent Escort: Who is your typical client?

oliviabrookes.com Being an Independent Escort: Who is your typical client?
Washington DC
06 September 2018

Knowing that you do not have a lot of time to maintain healthy relationships, what do you do? Long work hours and heavy work schedules leave everyone quite drained out. However, thanks to various types of independent escorts the life of many men have improved.

Escorts understand what you need and offer you a service that helps you forget about your worldly displeasures. Escorts such as Olivia Brooks have devoted themselves to offering you some of the most amazing services there is!


 Here is a quick excerpt from an interview that was held some months ago:

    • Is there a reason why you are an independent escort?
      Well, I don’t know how to begin the answer. But if I have to put it in words, I’d say I loved the idea of working on my own. I have worked for agencies and other people, but I have never liked my work with them. There is this sense of caginess that I did not like.
      However, I have always felt that working alone was the correct decision for me. I can work with the people that I like,and I am never forced to take up a job at odd hours. I will always have the last word to say in the choice of appointments and about my clients, which is why I love working on my own.
    • Was it tough for you to become an independent escort?
      It was. There were times when I did not know what to do. There was a time when I did not have many clients. My bills were racking up,and there was no hope of earning more. I was out of money soon,and I had no idea how to get by. But that’s when I stumbled across my assistant,and I fixed things! Thank God I found her!
    • How do you screen your clients?
      Since I work alone, there is always the fright of being attacked. I know that I will have to deal with my protection on my own. It would turn out to be a troublesome task if I have to deal with an annoying client, which is why I make sure that I choose my clients carefully. Usually, my assistant is the first one to talk to them. She answers the phone calls and the emails.
      Once she has some applications, she comes to me with a list of people,and we decide which ones to go with. Furthermore, my screening process is three-fold, I choose my clients according to:
      • Board References
      • Companion References
      • Employment verification
    • What is the typical client type for you?
      My typical client type is a bit hard to explain. But if you have to know, I’d like to tell you that all of my clients are looking for relief from their actual lives. Their lives have become too hectic; some do not have the time to find a companion who’d stay with them while the othersdoes not want to deal with the drama that comes with it.
      So, in a nutshell, I have somewhat middle aged men who love to spend their time talking to me and being merry. My typical client would be a man in his 40s, with a fit body and good manners. Bad manners are a huge turn off!
    • Do you spend long hours with your clients?
      In my profession as an Independent escort in Washington DC, it is not surprising to visit your client for long hours. Although most of my appointments are for 2 hours, there are times when a client books for an appointment that goes longer. And if  I am going to meet a client in some other city, the time automatically increases.
      So, all in all, my time with the client depends on the kind of appointment that I make with them.
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