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Agency Owner Interview Of Elite Diamond Escorts

Agency Owner Interview Of Elite Diamond Escorts Agency Owner Interview Of Elite Diamond Escorts
Nottingham Escorts
06 December 2016

A Sneak Peek Into The Life Of An Escort Agency Owner:  A Quick Interview

Being an escort is difficult, but being an escort agency owner is also not less. Well, this I got to know when I interviewed Miss. Bonnie, an owner of Elite Diamond Escorts, a Nottingham Escort Agency.  So, here, I, Sam Fredrick present you an excerpt of how is the life of an owner of escort agency.

Coffee with Bonnie- Owner of escort flagship

The man in herself is at 30s but his attitude towards growing and expanding the business is has no match. We met at her office where I got a good time questioning her  about his time as an owner of flagship escort agency- Elite Diamond Escorts.

Sam Fredrick: So, Matt, what is it like being an owner of an escort agency which is famous?

Bonnie: Out of the world! It feels great to see your team and your company (which is much like a baby to you) reaching at a position where you had ever thought of. Well, it is not the end; I have to go a little more far.

Sam Fredrick: How is your usual day the office- at the agency?

Bonnie: Well, we do not have a big show house to sit and work from there (obviously, because I do not want to grab people’s eye). In the reality, it is highly monotonous. I am generally busy at dispatching the calls to the girl, the client want. Else than me, there is a booker, which books the leads and transfers it to me.

Sam Fredrick: So, it is a myth that you are always surrounded by glamour?

Bonnie: Yeah, absolutely correct; it is nothing but a myth. I am not always surrounded by girls, except when I am recruiting. Rest of the days, the life is monotonous than hell.

Sam Fredrick: What was your career before you finally had an agency?

Bonnie: I was doing my MBA and I had very fair plans of joining an MNC and do the white-collar job. I, in fact, was very passionate about that before I fell for opening an escort agency.

Sam Fredrick: So, why did you choose this as your career?

Bonnie: Doing MBA had already made me half entrepreneur and rest of it I made myself. I learned about the profit of the industry with almost zero investment as compared to the earning. So, here I am, as an owner of a flagship escort agency in Nottingham.

Sam Fredrick: How much is your turn over monthly?

Bonnie: I would rather like to tell the percentage; I take the 30% of the profit. Rest 60% paid to escort and 10% for the miscellaneous.

Sam Fredrick: Had you ever indulged in your girl while the interview?

Bonnie: No, it is not our style. In fact, it is against the rule. I cannot tell about other agencies.

Sam Fredrick: Do you think that escorts are trustworthy to agency? What are chances that having a clientele, they could turn independent?

Bonnie:Well, there are some escorts in my agencies, which have stayed more than a year. So, yes, you can say that most of the escorts are trustworthy. But I also do not deny the fact that escorts could go independent working with you for years. Obviously, everybody sees the profit first.

Sam Fredrick: What if you are caught?

Bonnie: God forbid! I have not thought of it. But, I fear sometimes.

Sam Fredrick: Do your family know that you have an escort agency?

Bonnie: Yes, my parents and my girlfriend know that I run an escort agency. Moreover, they do not have any issue with that. However, they too sometimes fear of me being caught.

Sam Fredrick: How you build up your team of escorts? How do you get them?

Bonnie: Finding escorts at the front face is tough because you cannot directly advertise for them. Therefore, mostly I have to rely on our brokers. Sometimes, I also do back page hiring.

Sam Fredrick: Is there any experience you escort shared with you when you client cheated her?

Bonnie: Well, yes, there are many. But again, I cannot do anything at the front face.

Sam Fredrick: What you feel is safer for an agency, an outcall service, or incall?

Bonnie: Being an agency owner, both of them are fine, but sometimes, outcall services are easy to handle rather than the incall.

Sam Fredrick: Was there any situation when the escort denied paying you the share? What did you do?

Bonnie: It happens quite a time, but now we have some rules. It has happened a few times and I could do nothing because this is not a white-collar business. Consequences could be worse.

So this was I, Sam Fredrick with Bonnie. Hope you enjoyed the chitchat!!

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