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Good Judgement Is The Result Of Experience

Good Judgement Is The Result Of Experience Good Judgement Is The Result Of Experience
Barcelona Escorts
10 September 2018

walked down from Plaza Antonio Banderas into the car park by the staircase furthest from my car and also from the meeting I had been attending. The better to check things out. They say that it is not paranoia when people really are out to get you. And for all sorts of reasons that will become clear later, I am not paranoid. I am just careful. 


Staying alive when people actually are out to get you can either be down to luck or being careful and showing good judgement. Guess which I prefer? Especially when I am working with the best escorts Barcelona has to offer, but who are too in their own heads to stay aware. There is an old saying which is absolutely right for all that it is a cliché. Staying alive whern people want to kill you depends on good judgement. Good judgement is the result of experience. Experience is often the result of bad judgement.

Good judgement in this case means knowing how to think like someone who might be out to kill you. Not as hard for me as it might be for most people. But actually not beyond pretty much anyone. As long as they are willing to turn their auto pilot off, engage their brains and think ahead, instead of just running on automatic and hoping that you can deal with whatever shit gets thrown at you. Which, trust me, you often cannot.

If you are going to accost a target – be it to kidnap them, rob them or pop a small projectile into their brain pan, it is a waste of time trying to follow them in the vague hope of finding a time and location where everything falls just right for your scheme.

What you do instead is play the percentages. You work to identify a choke point. A location where they have to be – such as their car. And where their method and direction of approach are predictable – on foot and from the nearest staircase. And ideally you wait for a moment when they are unable to easily move and defend themselves – in the moments between opening the car door and sitting fully down are ideal as they are off balance, with their back to you, and unable to move away or to either side.

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