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How High Class Escorts Are Better Than The Rest

How High Class Escorts Are Better Than The Rest How High Class Escorts Are Better Than The Rest
London Escorts
04 July 2018

Why It’s Worth Paying a Little Extra


If you’re thinking of hiring an escort in London, then you should always book with a high class agency.


When it comes to hiring an escort, you’ll find that there are some that are just in a class of their own. London is home to many high-class escorts, and most guys will tell you that they are worth every penny. While there are some escorts out there charging much less for dates in the capital, many men will find that they offer a disappointing service. So don’t cut corners when it comes to your next intimate encounter. Instead, head to Dolls and Roses – where you’ll find the best high class escorts London has to offer.


Book with the best

When you hire a high class escort, it’s important to do so through a top London agency. Why? Well, booking through an agency is much safer as they hold their girls to very high standards. Your escort will be in great health, and won’t take any risks with their other clients. This is something that you just can’t be sure of if you hire an independent escort or one from a less reputable agency.


Dressed to impress

You can instantly tell if an escort is from a high class agency as she’ll be much more elegant. There will be no leather miniskirts and fishnet tights on display here! These ladies love to dress up in stylish clothes that are appropriate for the occasion. So whether you are hitting the London clubs or heading to an important event together, you can be sure she’ll look the part.


Skills of seduction

If you hire an escort from an agency like Dolls and Roses, you’ll be getting a highly skilled seductress. These ladies have spent years honing their skills, and as a result there isn’t much that they don’t know about pleasing a man. That experience has made them empathic and understanding too, and you’ll find that they’re much more adventurous and open minded than other escorts.


High society girls

The best escorts in London are used to mixing in high society. As a result, you’ll be able to take them to events with complete confidence. They are well-travelled, intelligent and witty. So whether you’re working the room at a business event or making the most of London’s culture, they’ll be at home in the most illustrious settings. It’s how they act in these situations that sets high class girls apart.


Consummate professionals

Last but not least, high class escorts are much more professional than girls you’ll find at a cheaper agency. They understand that you want to keep your reputation intact, and they will never do anything to embarrass you or reveal the true nature of your date to anyone. You can invite them to your home or hotel knowing that they will arrive discreetly too. After your date, they won’t breathe a word of your encounter to anyone.


Why do you pay more?

As well as being more professional, high class escorts dedicate more time to each client. They won’t be rushing from one meeting to another like cheaper escorts, instead, they will be spending time making sure they look perfect, and arrive on time ready to entertain you. And they won’t rush straight out again afterwards either – you will really the time together more with a high-class escort girl.


Splash the cash this summer

As you can see, an experience with a high class escort really is worth the extra money. You’ll be guaranteed a night with one of the most beautiful women in London, and you’ll be looked after by a dedicated escort agency team from the moment you book. So why not treat yourself? After all, it’s nice to enjoy the finer things in life every now and again!

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