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How to Prepare for a Date with an Escort

How to Prepare for a Date with an Escort How to Prepare for a Date with an Escort
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10 September 2019

Most people don’t pay much attention when receiving an escort - they think because they pay, they can be as careless as they wish. This isn’t true, because escorts are still humans with feelings, and preparation won’t only just make them feel better, but they’ll be likely to be more enthusiastic, treat you better, and consequently, the visit will end up being much more enjoyable for both of you.


How to Prepare for a Date with an Escort

Make Sure There are No Interruptions


You are paying for your time with the escort, make sure there are no interruptions because that’s just wasted time. Ideally, before the escort arrives, make sure you don’t have any meetings on your schedule and you can be fully available for the service. You should also make sure you arrive at the place a few minutes before the designated time, because, the hour starts ticking from the first minute of the agreed-upon time, and you probably won’t be compensated for the lost time if you’re late. Ideally, you should also turn off your phone before you start, because it is really annoying having it ring when you’re in the middle of your thing.


Agree on the Services Beforehand


One of the things that you absolutely need to do is agreeing on the services and acts beforehand. Many escorts have PTSD from the spontaneous acts that their clients have tried to commit without their consent, and you definitely shouldn’t try anything of the sort. If you do try that, at best, the session will end immediately, and at worst, you’ll probably have a legal case on your hands. Most escorts are open to a lot of things if it has been discussed beforehand, and there are certain escorts that are professionals in certain fetishes. For example, this service provides London submissive girls specifically for those people who have a fetish with them. Make sure you look around and get a girl you’ll enjoy.


Don’t Try to Please Her


This might sound like a harsh thing to say, but you’re getting an escort to have fun, you’re not getting an escort to be a gentleman and constantly think about how you’re pleasing her (unless that’s your fetish). In our day to day life, we’re on autopilot and try to be accommodating and pleasing to everyone, but if you want to get the best out of a meeting this needs to stop. Of course, this doesn’t mean to be rude and disrespectful, but during the act, try to focus much more on how you’re having fun instead. She won’t get offended or annoyed, most likely, because she is used to it, and in the end, it enhances your experience. 


Don’t Get Drunk Beforehand


You might feel the need to get a few drinks before your date, especially if this is your first time, but you definitely should not do that. While there are reputable escort services like this one that provides escorts in Mayfair, most escort services aren’t as reputable. You should stay alert and don’t overdo it with the drinks.

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