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How To Succeed In Malaga

How To Succeed In Malaga How To Succeed In Malaga
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21 August 2018

There are any number of ways to fail in the escort business in Malaga. But only a few that work. The main mistake that people make is to think that simply because it is legal to buy and sell sexual services, that setting up as an escort agency is easy. It is difficult to over state how wrong that is. As some who has, with their partners, built escort agencies successfully in Marbella, Malaga and range of other locations I would rather not go into, I have probably made every mistake it is possible to make. I have also done some things very right by accident. And done other things right intentionally and deliberately.

The easiest way to screw up in establishing and building your Marbella escort agency is to get caught up in a single channel of promotion. The chances are very strong that whether your idea is a good one or not, someone else will have gotten there before you. And they either have a strong foothold that you will find it hard to compete with, or their efforts will dramatically dilute yours. You want to promote the most girl who escorts Malaga visitors by putting ads in Sur newspaper' In the summer there are eight pages of adverts. Business cards in car windows? At times cars outside the H10 in Nueva Andalucia are almost tipping over to one side they have so many cards in the window seals.

You want to do deals with taxi drivers? Good luck with that, they get a big tip from the established brothels and “houses” in the area. Work the VIP areas at the clubs? People have exclusive deals. Work the bars and the hotels? You are competing with independent girls, so you will lose that contest. Which leaves the internet. Google AdWords no longer allows searches for anything with the word escort in it. So you cannot spend your way to the top of Google, even if you have built a website that looks the part. Instead you have to do it the hard way – search engine optimisation through building backlinks with credible and highly ranked sites.
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