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How UK Prostitution Laws Will Soon Be Changing

How UK Prostitution Laws Will Soon Be Changing
London Escorts
26 October 2018

Could These Proposed Changes Do More Harm Than Good?

With the UK laws on sex work being debated once again, it’s a good time to look at who those changes could effect.


The laws surrounding sex work in the UK are complex, and are often the subject of intense debate. Some people think that they should be made stricter, while others think that it’s time to go for full legalisation. Lately though, the movement to change those laws has picked up pace. Here’s everything you need to know about those proposed changes.


Cracking down on crime


Why exactly are changes to the laws regarding prostitution being proposed? Well, it’s all down to cracking down on crime. The UK is struggling to finally put a stop to human trafficking and modern slavery, and legal experts have identified sex work as a way of gangs slipping beneath the radar and getting away with despicable crimes. The National Crime Agency estimated that 10,000 – 13,000 victims are being brought to the UK – but the real number is thought to be much bigger.


Proposed changes


So what changes could be on the horizon? Well, it has been suggested that the UK needs to become an extremely hostile environment for sex traffickers. According to experts, it’s considered a low-risk destination because of our complex laws regarding prostitution. The attitude in the UK is very much a case of ‘pretend it’s not going on’ unless it affects law and order. Campaigners believe that enough is enough, and it needs to be made fully illegal.


Are escorts being listened to?


There is concern that making prostitution entirely illegal will just push sex work further underground – and put people more at risk. Sex workers already feel as if they are marginalised and left out of the conversation regarding changes to the laws, and think that they should be heard on such an important issue. People will never stop buying sex, and prostitutes will be forced to work in ever-more unsafe conditions to evade the law if their work is made fully illegal.


Legalisation could be the answer


There have been calls by escorts who work in the industry out of choice to be able to carry out their work with full legal protection. Many sex workers feel that they cannot go to the police after being robbed or assaulted – for fear that they may be prosecuted themselves. If sex work was made fully illegal, they would be further isolated. If sex workers had full legal protection, they would have a much better relationship with the police, plus better safeguarded worker’s rights.


Always book with an agency


There’s no telling when or even if these changes to the law will come into effect. In the meantime, how can you make sure that you are hiring an escort who is working on her own terms? By going to a trusted London Escort Agency, that’s how! Babes of London are the leading escort agency in town, and offer everything from simple companionship and London dinner dates to more intimate appointments and sensual massages.


Now we wait


As we wait for those proposed changes to come in, it’s down to punters to make sure that they get their escorts from the most reputable, trusted agencies in town. It’s only by doing this that you’ll be able to be sure that you’re spending time with an escort who is over 18 and legally allowed to work in the country. Then you can have some fun with complete peace of mind!

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