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Intimacy in a Relationship

Intimacy in a Relationship Intimacy in a Relationship
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21 August 2018

Sex and love do not belong together.

Psychologies from School of life says that sex in marriages lasts for few months or at best one or two years. There is no one to blame because unions have so many functions and roles to play that sex will suffer. The problem is not in marriage itself but our perception of the characters we need to play in marriage. We have been raised on love stories, and we see marriage in terms of emotions. Unfortunately, we didn't go to the school of love. We should be taught that marriage is a contract similar to the agreement between business partners in small business. There is plenty of work like planning, budgeting, negotiating, cleaning, fixing, cooking, nursing and constant problem-solving. Domestic preoccupation is not a death of love, but it might be the death of intimate moments.

Jealousy and honesty among couples.

When we in love we are beginning our relationship with hope to be able to tell everything. In time we become aware that we can not say it all, especially around sex. We would make our partner jealous, and jealousy is merely a fear that we might prefer someone else. Telling the whole truth about us is not a sign of kindness and no friend of love. Keeping secrets might feel like a betrayal, but the entire truth might be more harmful to the union. 

What is the answer to a perfect relationship?

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