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Myth that should be busted about escorts in London

London Escorts Myth that should be busted about escorts in London
London Escorts
27 May 2016

Escorts have always been a part of our society and they never were nor are prostitutes. But with undue facts, some of us always have the mindset that escorts are nothing but whores or prostitutes. Like this, many of us also have other plentiful myths about the London escorts that are just not justified and you all must learn them to clear the myth. The list of myths goes like this.

  • Myth_1: They are prostitutes: The common of all myth that I just mentioned in the starting, this is highly prevalent. Generally, people have the mindset that those who work as if escorts are whore or prostitutes and their work is to give sexual pleasure in revert of money. That is not true at all. The escorts are generally who accompany someone to some event or places for company. It is the will of the escort whether she or he wants to keep it simple or sexual.


  • Myth_2: Escorts means disrespectful: Another very prevalent myth that totally changes the respect of the womanhood and is still prevalent in the city like London. In many societies or minds, escorts work is degrading for a woman and she should not do it. It is directly related to their respect and goodwill. In fact, for women, talking of sex and doing it other person than her husband is wrong and sinful. But this is not all true. Being an escort is the personal choice of a person and it is never degrading.


  • Myth_3:Escorts means sex: Some parts of the society even thinks that if there is escort, there is porn. They directly connect the escort industry and people related to them to the porn industry that is not true. The reason is that not all escorts are sex oriented. This is the personal choice of the girl whether she wants to do it or not. In many cases, the escorts never ever take that thing to the bedroom.


  • Myth_4: Escorts always have STD’s:Again, this thing is connected to sexuality as the STD’s are nothing but the sexually transmitted diseases. But here again this myth should be nullified because every escort does not do sex and those who even prefer to do so, have proper protection while it. So, they never carry STD’s.

  • Myth_5: Escorts are less educated bimbets:Last but certainly not the least; this myth tells that all the escorts are uneducated or less educated; however, in the reality the myth can be reversed. In the reality, they can be better educated than you with higher degrees. Generally, escorts are those girls that can be carried in big events and parties in London or anywhere, where knowledge and sophistication both are needed. Hence, before taking them as less or uneducated, you must ask them their education!!

So, I hope the myths are busted now.

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