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Orbiting Escort Girls Orbiting Escort Girls
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05 July 2018

Orbiting is when your ex boy friend or girl friend is still engaging with your friends and all of your social media even after you have broken up. They stay tangentially involved in your life and your network of friends through your Twitter, Facebook and Instagram even though you have broken up with them. It does not matter how you cam to split – they dumped you, you dumped them, or it was mutual – they stay involved in your life and “orbit” you and your friends through your social media feeds and media pages as opposed to in real life. This is something that every professional sex worker or escort agency owner or manager has experienced. Clients, suppliers, former colleagues who do not go away. It is as though they stay there on the edge of your peripheral vision, constantly moving so that they attract your attention and distract you but not interacting with you. Most Tenerife escorts have experienced some version of this at some point. It is amazingly annoying and more than a little bit creepy. This is most weird and disturbing for currently working professional escort girls, former escort girls who have left the industry, as well as escort agency managers and receptionists who have been “outed”. I guess that the old fashioned parallel would be when people that you wanted out of your life kept missed calling you or turning up at clubs and bars that you frequent. Straight old fashioned stalking I guess. But as creepy, disgusting and disturbing as that was and is, at least you can try to do something about it. If you have security like mine on retainer then a stalker would have to be really mentally ill to even think about ignoring a warning that they need to cease and desist. But with orbiting, there is pretty much nothing you can do about it. If you block them they will just set up new accounts. Hell, they can even have a dozen fake accounts at the same time and there is no way of knowing unless they interact with you and you recognise their style or words. But if they just lurk and orbit silently there is nothing you can do. It is one of the many and varied reasons that I hate so called social media and never have anything to do with it other than for business reasons. And that is not rally me anyway, so if someone wants to be weird I really do not care. 

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