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Recalling my moments with male escorts London

Recalling my moments with male escorts London Recalling my moments with male escorts London
London Escorts
22 March 2017

I have had many great moments with male escorts and a few bitter ones. In all, I will not forget the moments I spent with London male escorts. Those guys are more than darlings. They are a family to me now. The first friend I made when I came down from America to London was a male escort. I had not entered the habit of hiring male escorts. I was asking for direction when I ran into him. The complicated linking path always made me to lose track of my way and I was not a fan of Google map. Others would point me in the right direction but when I asked him, he held me by the hand, literarily, and took me to my destination. It did not feel like I was walking with a stranger because we chatted and smiled and laughed like we had known each other since we were kids. When I got to my destination, he gave me his phone number, “You know what to do when you miss your way again”, he teased. That experience made me tick London as a friendly neighborhood unlike America where everyone was in a rush.

I had since learned to navigate London without any troubles but I would not have gotten there without the assistance of male escorts. That was one of the awesome experience I had with them. The other moment that is worth talking about was the day I was very depressed because I had taken a test and scored below my expectation. You know those moments when you spend months preparing for a test, put in effort, slay your night sleep but the result still does not match your anticipation. I bemoaned the time and effort that I had put in and tears rolled freely from my eyes. I called my friend, my navigation guide to come and keep me company. I needed someone to talk to. He said he was not disposed but promised to see what he would do. Two hours later, two young adult males stood on my door. I thought I was being attacked but they looked very gentle, nicely dressed and smelled of seductive cologne. I opened the door for them and they introduced themselves and added that they were male escorts London. They told me my navigator friend had instructed them to keep me company. They did not use words to try to pacify me. I guess they must have seen my heavy and sunken eyes. One went to the kitchen and searched around and asked me if I had a few ingredients and when I nodded in affirmation, he began to make lunch. The other was tidying my room ad talking about one thing or the other. It felt like I was the only one who failed to memorize my script in this movie. My burden and sadness left me. For the next couple of days, male escorts were trooping to my house, one set after another until my navigator friend visited and the others stopped coming. He told me he had arranged it all.  I didn’t quite understand this thing about male escorts London what they were, their principles and code of operation. He took his time to explain. As he talked about male escorts, I continued to nod even when I did not understand because I did not want to interrupt him. I loved the way he talked.

There are other great moments I have had with him that I cannot all recount here because they are too many. Is it the numerous parties and clubbing? The study partners or the motivators? There are so many faces to male escorts in London and I think I have been lucky enough to witness more than one of them.  I know some people know male escorts as one thing – male escorts – but I do not have the same opinion about them. If you ask me to define them, it would probably be the most difficult task you will ask of me. To me they are friends, partners, acquaintances, heroes, family. I will never lose my memory of London and male escorts in the city are the reason behind that.

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