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Shagging Is Not Slavery

Shagging Is Not Slavery Shagging Is Not Slavery
New York Escorts
20 June 2018

Let me first explain how I become a sex worker. I pretty much guarantee that it is not the story you have been taught to expect. No drug abuse, no abusive parents or sexual abuse of any kind. And sure as hell no human trafficking or modern slavery. As a brief aside, I despise that expression. Slavery is slavery. Modern slavery is no different to Roman slavery or American slavery. It is not as though you would have modern rape or modern murder is it? Slavery is slavery, rape is rape, murder is murder. And none of those have anything to do with how I became a sex worker.


I had a fairly normal childhood. My mum worked in an office, making sure people got their orders of bread as requested. My dad was an ambulance driver. They worked hard, took care of me, did their best and encouraged me. I went to state school, did well, went to a good university and got a first class degree and went into corporate life. Pretty conventional, to be honest. So how do I transition from being a middle manager in a big company to being one of the most glamorous escorts Ibiza has to offer I hear you ask. Well, simple really. I got to know some escorts, and took a logical business decision.

One of my jobs was organising exhibitions and conferences. And it was a not well disguised secret that quite a few of the women working as hostesses and PRs at those events did some side business with the men that were attending. Now, unlike a lot of people, it never occurred to me to look down my nose at them. I have always been motivated by money, and I have always loved sex and monogamy has never been a quality tat I admire. So shagging for money? Hmmm.

It turns out that even as part timers these women were earning that same money that I would make if everything broke perfectly in my career for the next ten years of boredom and hard work.

So the decision seemed easy. Turn my hobby into a profession or make a lot of money fast? I handed my notice in the next week and there was no coercion involved thank you very much.

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