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Take The Breathtaking Views In Birmingham

BirminghamEscorts Take The Breathtaking Views In Birmingham
Birmingham Escorts
10 May 2016

Birmingham city is very beautiful in itself, but its beauty is best defined by the scenic views it gives at places. These places are breathtaking in terms of scenery and nature, where the sun sets in the back and you take a selfie with your companion. Is not is amazing? Yeah, it is. In fact, the amazement increase in degrees if you actually be at such places with a company out of the Birmingham escorts.

So, let see learn about the places where you can go in Birmingham and have the best picture of sun, cloud and nature greens around you. This can even be a good time to detoxify you from the hustle-bustle and pollution of the scorching and buzzing cities.

  • Witness the splendid sunset at the crest road:
  • The most scenic place that doubles the beauty in spring and summer, this place is best to spend your time during the dusk, when the sun slowly sets in the horizon. Sitting there with your companion gives a feel of fulfillment and that tops it up, when you take a remembering selfie. Selfie is a good piece of memory that is best brewed here with different angles that are given by the Crest Road.
  • Hike with rays of sun and see it setting down at Ruffner Mountain:
  • Hiking the mountain with the sun rising and seeing the sun going down sitting the top height seems all imaginary, but it is so real if you are in Birmingham. With the eye soothing picturesque, the Ruffner Mountain even provides the best venue for hiking. The sky seems gigantic and mix of colors, when you bid sun the farewell for the next morning. Though, the mountain does not provide much of the angles, yet the single angle it gives is never ending.
  • Trespass legally in the no trespassing zone of Birmingham- Stratford Road:
  • To most of the citizens of Birmingham, the Stratford road is best known as the “No Trespassing and No Parking Zone.” But do not worry, the sidewalks are open for public. From the sidewalks of the Stratford Road, you can keep the breathtaking view of the city in your eyes and see the horizon of the city, and sky meeting each other at far. With the cool breeze, the air takes the green aroma with heart soothing smells of the flowers decorating the sidewalks.

    So, have the list in your hand and decide which can be the nearest one to stay and pack your bag to hop there with your companion. And, do not forget to click the selfies of yours.

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