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Visit Castles of Manchester and Feel Like Sitting into a Time Machine

Cheap Manchester Escorts Visit Castles of Manchester and Feel Like Sitting into a Time Machine
Manchester Escorts
25 May 2016

It’s a really acknowledged fact that history is something which unfolds our roots, our ancestry and our existence. It’s something which tells from where we came and to where we’ll go. And if you happen to be a history freak like me, then palaces and castles are the places to look out for. And if you enjoy the aura of the historical structures, there are many amazing forts and castles around Manchester. These castles narrate the glorious stories of medieval British civilization and their imperialism over the whole world. And if you need a companion with similar interests while visiting these castles, Manchester escorts could be an option for you.


Here, we have formed a compilation of some of the most stunning castles of Manchester which are all within a driving distance of an hour and can be visited on a nice sunny day or even on weekends for that matter.

Beeston Castle, Cheshire


Amidst the ashes of the ancient times, Beeston Castle, above the Cheshire Plan, situated in Beeston, once used to be the Royal castle of the ruling dynasties. Ranulf de Blondeville, 6th Earl of Chester, built this castle in the thirteenth century, precisely in 1220s after his return from the Crusades.


It was maintained well till the 16th century, but after that period of time it was thought to be of no further deployment for military; however army used it again in 1643, during course of the English Civil War. Many portions of the castle were ruined in 1646, which happened as a result of Cromwell's destruction order, to disallow its further deployment as a stronghold.


It is often rumored that treasury of Richard II is hidden somewhere in the castle grounds, but no investigators have been successful in discovering any trace of it.


The castle is fully destroyed in today’s date but the outer walls, and the inner walls and gatehouse are separately acknowledged in the National Heritage List of England as one of the Grade I listed buildings.


Halton Castle, Runcorn


Halton Castle is situated on the peak of Halton Hill, Runcorn. Often covered by National Geographic and Discovery teams, it is acknowledged in the National Heritage List of England and is listed in the top grade structures and is a well known scheduled archaeological monument.


It was the palace of the dynasty of Barons of Halton starting from the eleventh century till the fourteenth century and it was then taken over by the Duchy of Lancaster. It eventually got ruined as it was invaded two times during the course of civil war.


In today’s date, the castle is totally ruined except some of the areas of it like the courthouse which eventually has been turned into a public house.


Manchester holds an ample amount of attraction for every history lover and heritage lover. And if you are a single goer to these castles, Manchester ever caters you stunning companions under its flagship of Cheap Manchester Escorts service provider, which could make your voyage to Manchester absolutely memorable. So just visit the castles of Manchester and feel like you’ve taken into a different era altogether through a time machine and enjoy its lavish and rich diversity of history

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