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Visiting The Historic Houses in the City of Leeds

Playmate Leeds Visiting The Historic Houses in the City of Leeds
Leeds Escorts
04 October 2016

Leeds is a beautiful place and surprisingly there is so much to do here. There are incredibly huge arrays of things to do here which are offered in plenty. Leeds is a redeveloped industrial area and hence the place to closely connected with history and development with different era. The city has many bars, beautiful museums, gis spaces, unique theatres, fun clubs, gourmet food in great in lovely restaurants and much more. The place has lush landscapes which are mesmerizing and treat to the eye. The place is closely connected with History and hence has houses which are historic as well. Let’s see couple of beautiful historic houses in Leeds:

Lotherton Hall

Lotherton Hall is a beautiful hall and quite historic as well. It is a place to have a fantastic day out which is a charming and mesmerizing Edwardian house and also a country estate. The most surprising and amazing fact is that this house was once owned and lived by Gascoigne family and hence quite famous as well. This place is so beautifully done and maintained that there is always something here for everyone. Hence you definitely won’t be disappointed to come here and visit the place. It has everything from being a grand country house to the bird garden which is very thoughtfully done. There are gardens everywhere and hence exhibitions are done here very often. As the visitors are huge here, there are many shops to cater the needs of the people visiting the place from all over the world. There are stables as well in this place with great woodland walks and playgrounds. The cosy couples can always enjoy a long cozy walk in the woodland which is beautifully done and the kids can play and enjoy in the playground available which is huge as well.

Kirkstall Abbey

If you are looking for a dramatic historic architecture, then you should look out for Kirkstall Abbey. The Abbey is a beautiful place placed at wonderful parkland which is alongside the famous banks of River Aire. Kirkstall is a rare place which is still there from the history and one of the finest remaining medieval Cistercian abbeys in the whole of Britain. You can reach to the place by bus, train or by car. If you are coming by car, then there is a huge place given for the free car parking. The place is open all the days except for the bank holidays. If you are looking for the best escort agency, the first thing that should come to your mind should be how long the company has been in the market and running successfully. That would give the complete information on how good the place is and how good are their services. In Leeds, the best escort service provider would be Playmate Escort services in Leeds who are in the field for a long time and give the best services to the clients. This escort agency will surely understand what is meant by pleasure and give it in a total different meaning.

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