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What are the benefits of being an independent Asian Escort?

Celina Independent Asian Escort in London What are the benefits of being an independent Asian Escort?
London Escorts
05 October 2018

Finding the time to maintain a relationship in today’s time is hard. However, just because you do not have the time to maintain a relationship should not deprive you of an extraordinary experience.
If you are looking for an amazing experience that helps you find an amazing experience, Celina is what you need. Being one of the most sought-after independent Asian escorts in London, she offers you some amazing experiences.


 Here is a sneak peek of an interview she had several days ago:


Why did you choose to be an independent Asian escort?

My job had always appealed to me. There was hardly ever anything else that I had wanted to do that I did not enjoy. Being an independent asian escort in London has helped me to meet many new people and has allowed me to offer my services to people who appreciate me in body and soul.
Most people want to do what I do because it gives them quick money. But for me, it was something more. I have always liked to be around men who love women and know how to treat them right. Also, I had always enjoyed going out on vacations, meeting new people and finding my way across new cities. I am a travel monger for sure, and my job allows me to do just that.
However, what I feel is that the reason why I was attracted to this job, was the ease of working. There is no pressure,and that’s what sets me free. The freedom of doing what you like is what allows me to love this job and has attracted me for so long.



Have you worked with an agency?

Yes, for a brief time I worked with various agencies before I decided to go solo. I hopped from one place to another in search of something that I could not find. At first, I did not realize what is it that I was looking for. However, as time went on, I realized that I wanted to be free.



Why did you go independent?

Well, as I said before, I crave independence and freedom. Working with agencies had some benefits, some would agree that there are many benefits of working with an agency, but I never enjoyed my profession there. The biggest reason why I became an independent escort in London was that I wanted to do things my way, on my terms and as I wished to.
Other than this, my commission is my own. There are no payments to be made to others,and I do not get paid peanuts for what I do.
Most agencies offer some benefits but they eat into your profits, and that is something that is not possible here. When you work independently, you work for yourself, and you take care of yourself.



What would you say are the benefits of working independently?

I have been asked that quite a few times and most people are surprised when I tell them that I find it more advantageous to work alone than working with an agency. And they always have that look that seems to say, “are you crazy?”


If you ask me what the benefits of working as an independent escort are, then I could name at least 4 right away. And these are really important trust me:

As an independent escort you work on your own time. You do not have to answer calls or any kind of urgent calls just because you work for someone. You can choose your appoints, say no when you do not feel like seeing someone.

Nobody eats into your profits. Your hard earned money is yours alone. There are no middlemen to take away your commissions.

When you work independently, you are offered presents and beautiful things. I have been personally asked what would I like. So, there is no issue of people being jealous of the attention I get.

You are your own boss. You do not need to answer to anyone or adhere to anyone’s rules but yours.

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